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I immediately feel inadequate.

“Because the 72-year-old just offed a heapin’ helpin’ of the venomous reptiles gathered under her home, according to a neighbor, Susan Thompson, who was visiting Newby and then posted Friday about her feat on Facebook, WTVD-TV reported.”

72-year-old woman uses shotgun, shovel, and rake handle to kill 11 copperhead snakes under her home.

I had my first exposure to Reeves through his book Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith. Later, by God’s remarkable providence, I read Rejoicing in Christ during a tumultuous time in our lives. He’s incredibly compelling, faithful to Scripture, and British. Here’s a powerful series he did on The Word in 2008.

“In three talks, Mike Reeves examines the doctrine of the Word of God. Recorded at UCCF South West Transformission.”

Mike Reeves – The Word of God

This is a week or so old, but worth the bump in light of Brannon Howse’s recent removal of Mike Abendroth and Justin Peters from the Worldview Weekend Network.

“My complaint is that the criticism of Dr. White has been grossly overblown and over-hyped. Here is a man whose whole life has been devoted to the proclamation and defense of the gospel. Perhaps no one has spent more time on the front lines of public debate against heretics and gospel-twisters than Dr. White. He proclaimed the gospel without cutting corners or softening the hard parts in this very context—in an Islamic mosque!”

Phil Johnson: Answering Some Lingering Questions about the James White/ Brannon Howse Controversy


“Great News: Outback Steakhouse makes it clear that they are not being controlled by a satanic cult.”

Read it


“All of his life, Jerry Vines has been a student par excellence,” said Southwestern President Paige Patterson. “For Vines, who already has a Th.D., now in retirement to seek a Ph.D. with our School of Preaching should inspire every preacher to keep studying and learning all of his life. I will be the most surprised man on earth if he does not write one of the finest dissertations ever.”

Jerry Vines enrolls in SWBTS Ph.D. program

It’s coming…


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