6 Links That REALLY Internetted is dedicated serving up the highest-quality, insanely-fresh, linkiest-links on the internet. Super smart and Oprah-approved Rob Bell dominates the news, but Bartman is getting a World Series ring and New Testament (N.T.) Wright is a heretic.

“Bartman received the ring before noon Monday in Ricketts’ office. Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein and President of Operations Crane Kenney were also present. Ricketts then showed Bartman around Wrigley a bit, so he could see what was new since he’d last been to the park.”

Steve Bartman receives 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Championship ring

“What brings real comfort to the hurting? That’s an important question in a world filled with pain and Rob Bell believes he has the answer.

In a glowing profile at CNN on the former evangelical pastor’s book promotion tour, Bell responds to an audience member who confesses to doubting God when doctors told he and his wife that their unborn baby may not survive.”

Rob Bell’s Promise of Comfort

“But Heaven forbid that my fellow Christians would come alongside me now, in my first unwelcome months as a widower, and offer casseroles and tears without also offering me the comfort of knowing that my suffering (and that of my beloved wife) has a purpose.”

Rob Bell Revisited: Nine Christians Reflect on Personal Suffering and Romans 8:28

“The hatred of many in the media for the Bible shouldn’t be a surprise to those who hold reverence for it; much of the media is leftist, and the Left’s positions are quite often completely antithetical to the Bible. But some lies the media promulgates about the Bible are so egregious and their attempts to smear the Bible are so abundantly clear that they are simply staggering.”

Media Trumpets That Bible Is Wrong. Oops.

“As the summer months are upon us the Christian blogosphere has taken upon itself the task of rallying to their respective “modesty” camps. Some advocate for liberty of conscience for women to dress as they please, chiding anyone who would seek to cover up skin with either general guidelines or quite strict rules. The other camp are purveyors of those tacky ‘Modest is hottest’ memes. We live in a perilous time of attack upon the objective meaning of language and symbol. In the area of clothing, Christians are in danger of going along with the mindset that believes in the ‘relativity of truth’ and doing so in the name of Christian liberty.”

A Sentence Made of Fabric

“If you want a quick-but-tedious way to separate some of the shallower evanjellyfish from the more theologically-serious evangelicals in your circle of friends, here’s a simple method: call N.T. Wright a heretic. It’s quick because the blowback you will surely experience can be timed in microseconds. It’s tedious because you will be subjected to a series of overweeningly shrill diatribes, accompanied by confident insinuations that anyone who says such a thing is a divisive dolt.But a more effective method is difficult to find.

N.T. Wright is a heretic. There, I’ve said it. Let the ranting begin.”

N.T. Wright’s Long Farewell



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