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“Sure God can choose to save celebrities for his glory and use them to save many of his elect. But God typically, throughout biblical and church history, chooses those who are weak according to the flesh in order to make them strong and use them mightily, so that when people look around at everything these men and women have accomplished, they will instantly lift their eyes to heaven and worship the one who enabled these ordinary people to do extraordinary things.”

If Only Eminem Got Saved

“A Christian publishing company has decided to shelve, at least temporarily, the latest book from former NewSpring Church pastor Perry Noble.

The book, ’11 1/2 Questions To Help You Date Without Regret,’ was originally scheduled to be released to the public Sept. 27.”

Publisher shelves book by former NewSpring pastor Perry Noble

“The controversial former pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church officially opened a new church in Arizona on Sunday.

Driscoll left Seattle after multiple allegations of wrongdoing, including that he bullied people within the church. A lawsuit followed with accusations of misuse of funds. Driscoll has called those false and malicious allegations without any merit.”

Former Mars Hill pastor finds new church home in Scottsdale

“’Studies show a majority of children simply leave the church after graduation or in college,’ noted Dawson gravely. ‘The Christian worldview is under fire like never before. And the only way we’re going to turn that around is to introduce more gimmicks, like ‘icebreakers’ involving gross tricks or bodily functions.’”

Babylon Bee: Youth Pastor Prepares Teens For Post-Christian America With Serious Study Of Pies To The Face

To celebrate the release of the final volume of the 3-volume A Commentary on the Psalms set, by Allen Ross, Kregel will give the complete set (worth $140) to one winner.

Giveaway of 3-volume Commentary on the Psalms by Allen Ross

The guys over at Entreating Favor talk with Todd Friel about Christians and the sin of anxiety, while discussing his upcoming book, “Stressed Out”.

[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 064 – Stressed Out


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