“However the Lord may be pleased to indulge us with comforts and mercies here in this world, still this is not—and cannot be, our rest. Indwelling sin, the temptations of Satan, changing dispensations, and the vanity which is inseparably entwined with every earthly connection, will more or less disturb our peace. But there is a brighter world, where sin and sorrow can never enter; every moment brings us nearer to it! Then every imperfection shall cease, and our best desires shall be satisfied beyond our present conceptions—then we shall see him whom having not seen we love—we shall see him in all his glory, not as now—but face to face, without a veil. We shall so see him, so as to be completely transformed into his perfect image. Then likewise we shall see all his redeemed, and join with an innumerable multitude of all nations, people, and languages, in singing the triumphant song of Moses and the Lamb forever! Then we shall look back with wonder on all the way which the Lord led us through this wilderness, and shall say, “He has done all things well!” May this blessed hope comfort our hearts, strengthen, our hands, and make us account nothing dear or hard—so that we may finish our course with joy.”

From a letter written by John Newton September 21, 1770.


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