Have you watched the handy little documentary on the “Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive Church” yet? You should. However, I have to say, I shouldn’t be so naive to think that I wouldn’t be one of those skinny-jeaned, bus-driving pastors, lest the sovereign kindness of God snatch me out of that buffoonery and set me around a great congregation of men and women interested only in the exaltation of the name of Christ. I know exactly where I would be left to my own iPhone-addicted devices — I’d want this stuff. Real bad. It’s so much easier to throw a bunch of seeds everywhere in the front yard and hope it rains from time to time, rather than overseeing the long-term growth of something into fruit-bearing maturity. Here’s the video below, then some words from JC Ryle:

JC Ryle from Practical Religion:

Eighteen centuries have now passed away since God sent forth a few Jews from a remote corner of the earth, to do a work which according to man’s judgment must have seemed impossible. He sent them forth at a time when the whole world was full of superstition, cruelty, lust, and sin. He sent them forth to proclaim that the established religions of the earth were false and useless, and must be forsaken. He sent them forth to persuade men to give up old habits and customs, and to live different lives. He sent them forth to do battle with the most groveling idolatry, with the vilest and most disgusting immorality, with vested interests, with old associations, with a bigoted priesthood, with sneering philosophers, with an ignorant population, with bloody-minded emperors, with the whole influence of imperial Rome. Never was there an enterprise to all appearance less likely to succeed!

And how did God arm them for this battle? He gave them no carnal weapons. He gave them no worldly power to compel assent, and no worldly riches to bribe belief. He simply put the Holy Spirit into their hearts–and the Scriptures into their hands! He simply bade them to expound and explain, to enforce and to publish the doctrines of the Bible. The preacher of Christianity in the first century was not a man with a sword and an army to frighten people, like Mahomet–or a man with a license to be sensual, to allure people, like the priests of the shameful idols of Hindustan. No! he was nothing more than one holy man–with one holy book.

And how did these men of one book prosper? In a few generations they entirely changed the face of society by the doctrines of the Bible…The flood rose, and they found themselves obliged to rise with it. The tree of Christianity swelled and grew, and the chains they had cast around it to arrest its growth, snapped like thread!

And all this was done by the doctrines of the Bible! Talk of victories indeed! What are the victories of Alexander, and Caesar, and Marlborough, and Napoleon, and Wellington–compared with those I have just mentioned? For extent, for completeness, for results, for permanence–there are no victories like the victories of the Bible.


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